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WP6. ICT Tools for Discovery, Understanding and Enjoyment

Implementation Summary

The partners will collaborate to develop a series of new and innovative ICT products that will help people to discover, understand and enjoy the places on the European Atlantic Geotourism Route. The work produced will provide pre- and post-arrival information and interpretation for any one of the Geoparks on the Route, whilst also encouraging people to explore more widely throughout the partner territories.

Three ICT tools will be developed: i) web-based virtual exploration of key geosites; ii) itinerary based interactive products; iii) interaction with geology in the field through ‘virtually collecting’ samples and specimens.

Each element will: a) be developed transnationally, co-ordinated by one partner; b) be procured through an EU wide process; c) have a common transnational template which allows for each partner to have prominent local content in each case, but with clear reference to other partner territories; d) be interactive and engaging.

The detail of these ICT solutions will be derived workshops co-ordinated by the WP leader, P10- North Pennines AONB. These will take place at both the inception and first partner meetings. This will allow for shared learning to be brought from other projects, including building on other EU funded-work. This approach will enable the partners to take a genuinely collaborative decision on the tools to use that will add most value to the project, the partnership and the places concerned.


6.1 – Geo-cAPPture

Partners will collaborate to develop and deliver an interactive ICT tool for interpreting Geosites throughout the European Atlantic Geotourism Route (EAGR), with an interactive element. Workshop sessions with the partners will engage experienced practitioners who can guide the partners towards the ideal solution for develop such a transnational product that has different operating contexts to accommodate. It will be coordinated by P10.North Pennines, with the help of P7.Lanzarote and P3.Azores.

Deliverable: Geo-cAPPture tool

An ICT tool which interprets a series of sites across the Route and enables a system of ‘virtual collecting’ of specimens and characteristic features at each interpreted location, creating an overall collectable package along the whole Route. Through this post-arrival interpretive tool, visitors to Atlantic Area Geoparks will be able to discover our shared geological heritage and interact with the special qualities of area, creating new opportunities to support rural economies.

6.2 – Geo-Itineraries

Through transnational collaboration, partners will devise a template for delivering itineraries that encourage exploration of the Atlantic Area Geoparks in ways which promote discovery and enjoyment of natural and cultural heritage and support the local economy. Collaborative workshops will define the platform and the nature and scope of content. It will be coordinated by P13.GeoMon, with the help of P5. Marble Arch Caves.

Deliverable: Itineraries

A series of Geo-itineraries with a common platform and individual expression, which encourage exploration of the Geoparks and of the EAGR as a whole. High quality interpretation will be provided to a common standard for points along the Route. It will be easier for potential visitors to find out about specially-tailored ways to explore, enjoy and understand the areas on the Atlantic Geoparks Route, providing opportunities to support tourism businesses and communities.

6.3 – Geo-site Virtual Exploration

We will develop a transnational methodology for creating opportunities to virtually explore key geosites across the European Atlantic Geotourism Route. A common product will be prepared and made accessible throughout the Route. It will be coordinated by P9.PNR Armorique, with the help of P4. Fforest Fawr and P12. Copper Coast.

Deliverable: Virtual Exploration

A web-based platform for virtual exploration of Geosite. This will enable visitors to virtual travel between the Atlantic Area Geoparks’ key geosites and features and explore them in detail, including in 3D. More people, including several new audiences, will be able to explore the geo-heritage of the Atlantic Area Geoparks through virtual reality presentations delivered to common standard on a shared platform as a single programme.

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