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WP5. Transnational Marketing: The European Atlantic Geotourism Route

Implementation Summary

This WP will focus on the creation of a transnational marketing and brand building initiative in order to promote the Atlantic Geotourism and the development of related innovative geoproducts and services. Partners will establish a European Atlantic Geotourism Route (EAGR) to be subsequently enlarged beyond the project lifetime. The creation of the Route, fully consistent with the priorities of the Atlantic Area Programme as well as with the EU Tourism Policy Framework, will strengthen and justify the transnational value of this project and its proposed activities and will help to increase the number of visitors and the sustainable development of their territories.

In order to develop the Route, the following activities will be undertaken: the design of a corporate image and a brochure on the Route, a web site as well as a video and the submission of a candidacy to become a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe. This activity will be completed with the design of a Communication and Dissemination Plan to be completed with a strategy for expansion and sustainability (see A.3.2). The ICT elements of this Route will be addressed in a specific WP (WP6).

The WP will be led by P6.Basque Coast, also in charge of the video, while P11.Burren Cliffs of Moher, P2.Arouca and P9. PNR Armorique will be coordinating the Communication Plan, the logo and the brochure, the project website and the Cultural Route candidacy. All partners will actively collaborate in its development.


The partnership will enhance the visibility and success of the European Atlantic Geotourism Route (EAGR) through a Communication and Dissemination Strategy.

The EAGR will have a distinctive image (logo + slogan) to be used in all documents and communication events. The image will be also extended to the project. A brochure of the Route will be also developed, where the support of the Atlantic Programme will be properly highlighted.

Deliverable: EAGR Strategy and Communication Plan

The Communication and Dissemination Plan will form a targeted, integrated and structured marketing tool which will be developed for all forms of media to promote the interconnectedness and variety of the EAGR and the Atlantic Area.

5.3 – European Atlantic Geotourism Route Video

A video will be produce to present the different territories that composes the Atlantic GeoRoute. The video will be hired by P6.Basque Coast. The video will show the touristic offer and the rich geodiversity of the 12 geosites from the five countries involved, aiming to promote the values of Geotourism and to bring new visitors.

Deliverable: Web video tourism campaign

An official information video of the Route will be produced and distributed through the website and online channels, such as YouTube or Vimeo. The video will be also highly promoted in the different events.

5.4 – Building a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

The Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe complement the dynamics promoted by the UNESCO Geopark label for the valorisation of the European identity as a whole and the regional diversities.

In this framework, P9.PNR Armorique will lead and the preparation of the candidacy. To do so, the partners will create a group of multidisciplinary experts and conduct research and development that will help to carry out the procedures for obtaining this recognition.

Deliverable: Cultural Route Candidacy

PNR Armorique will coordinate and encourage the whole process along with all the partners to comply with the conditions set by the Council of Europe. This process will start at the beginning of the project and culminate with the proposal submission.

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