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WP3. Capitalization

Implementation Summary

The Atlantic Geoparks project was conceived by partners as a means of intensifying cooperation amongst Geoparks’ to achieve sustainable development through Geotourism, conservation and joint knowledge across the whole cooperation area. But the project is only the starting point and ATLANTIC GEOPARKS – WORKING DOCUMENT FOR IMPLEMENTATION 8 the partnership commits to extending their work beyond the project lifetime, essential for the real success of the project objectives.

This work package has two objectives: a) to exchange project outputs and experiences with related projects and initiatives, and b) to plan and organise the sustainability of the project activities into the long-term.

The elaboration of a Sustainability Plan will commit partners to the development and enlargement of the Route within and beyond Atlantic Area, identifying new partners and new funding sources to deliver this. That partners are all members of the European Geoparks Network will facilitate this process and it is hoped also to extend the offer to the Global Geopark Network in due course.

Partners will develop networking with related projects and initiatives within partner nation states and across Europe as well as organising and participating in local/transnational dissemination events. This will enable the continued stimulation and transnational exchange of ideas, experiences and results between organisations developing sustainable tourism while augmenting the project’s reputation amongst fellow professionals across Europe.


3.1 – Networking Activity with Other Projects

Effective networking is crucial to ensure appropriate connections with other stakeholders active in the area of Geotourism/sustainable tourism at national, European and international levels. By establishing contacts with capitalized projects and related initiatives/associations, all partners will create a network of interested stakeholders to transfer and disseminate project results. In addition, partners will work together to establish contact with their own national policy makers.

Deliverable: Project networking database

Each partner will be responsible for contacting at least 5 institutions, projects or initiatives related or potentially interested in project implementation and outcomes.

3.2 – Capitalisation and Sustainability Plan

It will be the cornerstone of the Route activities after the project. It will include the foreseen activity plan and communication strategy for the 5 years after the project end to encourage and organise Route enlargement. It will envisage the plans for the continuation of activities, to intensify the Geoparks’ connectivity as well for the new actions to be expanded. Special attention will be paid to achieve an equitable geographical development of the Route and reach the under-represented areas.

Deliverable: Capitalisation and Sustainability Plan

All partners will participate in the elaboration of the plan, which will be coordinated by Marble Arch Caves. The Plan shall be produced at the end of the project in the form of an electronic document.


3.3 – Local Capitalization Events

The partnership will organise at the end of the project several events/seminars to present the European Atlantic Geotourism Route and the key outcomes produced within the project to achieve maximum coverage and impact at regional level and the involvement of relevant stakeholders after the project finishes. Promotional material about the project will be also provided. A press conference will be celebrated afterwards to ensure a high impact and wider dissemination of the event.

Deliverable: Local capitalization events

Each partner (except Arouca) will organise a local event to present the project products and results to the interested stakeholders and promote their transferability.

3.4 – Final Conference

A final conference will be organised to present the project results and benefits. The conference will engage local, regional and European key decision makers and stakeholders including regional authorities, representatives from different Geoparks and European Geotourism, European Commission members, etc.

The event will be announced well in advance through the web, social media, mailing and publications and the relevant stakeholders and media will be informed to engage the potential audience.

Deliverable: Final conference

The conference will be organised by Arouca Geopark, in close collaboration with UTAD. It will engage local, regional and European key decision makers and stakeholders including regional authorities, representatives from the tourism sector, etc.

3.5 – Promotion of the Route and Attendance to Other Events

Partners will seize the opportunity to disseminate the project at other public events, which will contribute to the sustainability of the project, generating a great multiplier effect not only within the participating regions, but also throughout the Atlantic Area and the European Union. Partners take advantage of these encounters to present the final outputs transferable to other institutions and regions, such the Route and the Management Toolkit.

Deliverable: Participation in events

Partners will take advantage of their participation in related events to promote the activity carried out within the project. This action will include liaison with the National Tourism Bodies.

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