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WP2. Project Communication

WP Leader: Burren and Cliffs of Moher
Implementation Summary

The Atlantic Geoparks communication strategy will promote the project, its objectives and results at local, regional, national and European level by embracing a wide variety of activities covering the different types of communication channels (traditional media, social media and brochures) to reach the target audiences. This will ensure the widest visibility and impact of the project during its implementation and after the project formally ends. The objectives are to communicate our new model for regional tourism cooperation in the Atlantic Area to all stakeholders.

This WP led by P11.Burren Cliffs of Moher, using toolkits and experience gained through GeoparkLIFE and other projects, will develop communication strategies which will be integrated with WP5, focused on the transnational marketing and dissemination of the European Atlantic Geotourism Route (EAGR), as well as to WP3, devoted to the project capitalization and sustainability.

Clear value for money is promoted within these WPs, avoiding duplication of efforts (the logo and the website – developed within WP5- are common for the project and the Route, ensuring its use once the project ends) and developing a strong on-line strategy as a way to reach all type of audience.

All the project partners will actively collaborate in the project communication, promoting media coverage, collaborating in on-line and networking activity, developing promotional materials and providing content to the project newsletter and the blog.


2.1 – On-line Activity and Social Networking

Online visibility strategies are by nature rather dynamic and will require regular follow-up in order to adapt to changing trends. Burren Cliffs of Moher will coordinate this action by acting as Community Manager/Content Curator of the project’s online tools; ensuring regular social networking activity is carried out to actively increase the growth of numbers of Views, Likes and other appropriate metrics to the project web and social media pages and accounts.

Deliverable: Project blog and social networking

The EAGR blog will provide an interactive platform for information about the project. It will also have an online presence through social networking services, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, where the project will have actively managed accounts.

2.2 – Media Coverage 

Each partner will be responsible for ensuring regional media coverage. All partners will agree on the common lines of the press releases at the project meetings or through e-mail. A common template will be created to this purpose. Partners will also actively promote the dissemination of the project in specialised media and technical publications (scientific papers, trade magazines, specialised audiovisual and Internet channels, etc.), through articles, interviews and the support to documentaries.

Deliverable: Press releases and press conferences

Regular press releases will be sent to regional media and will be available in the media section of the website. Press conferences shall be held to present key milestones. The partners will also arrange radio interviews and television broadcasts.

2.3 – Brochure and Promotional Materials 

A brochure of the European Atlantic Geotourism Route (see activity 5.1), some specific local leaflets and other promotional materials will be produced. An electronic version of the leaflets will also be published on the project’s website contributing to advertise and promote the website. The production and distribution of traditional printed promotional materials will be reduced to the minimum to lower the environmental impact of the project.

Deliverable: Brochure and promotional materials

Besides the creation of the brochure and the local leaflets, other physical promotional branded materials will be developed, including pens, folders, posters and/or USB memory sticks containing full project documentation.


2.4 – Project Newsletter

The website will also include an e-newsletter service, where updated information will be reported on regular basis, providing highlights on the development of both the project and the European Atlantic Geotourism Route (EAGR) -see WP5- and the everyday activities of the partners in an informal way. This communication tool will be coordinated by P3. Azores, but all the partners will contribute in the elaboration of contents and in the list of recipients.

Deliverable: e-Newsletters

A project e-newsletter will be published on the project website every six months, giving five in total for the project duration. The e-newsletter will have high image content and be suitable for selected local printing for local dissemination.


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